My work is a personal ethnography about family and the facilitation of personal growth with a current focus through the lens of motherhood. Working across the mediums of analog and alternative photographic processes and textile, I use formal elements to draw connections between the significance and history of these mediums in relation to concepts in my work. I am creating a collection of studies that center around notions of private and public, reciprocal relationships of comfort and care, family history and the interior landscape of the domestic space and unseen acts of gendered labor. Derived from a desire to convey the all consuming nature of familiarly mundane gestures, my practice highlights tensions between preserving and letting go because of the fast paced rate of change and demand to adapt in parenthood. This body of work seeks to visually share the weight of navigating daily challenges and uncharted territories as a new mother.

Maddie Casagranda is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently pursuing an MFA in the Photography & Digital Media program at the University of Houston. Working in photography, video, fibers, and installation, she draws meaning from these mediums and the materiality and history of the domestic space. Much of her current work explores representations of generational care and motherhood, addressing the mundane, unseen and gendered labor, systems and societal framework that affect women, and the maternal relationship with rest and community. 

She has had several solo exhibitions and her work has been included in many group exhibitions across the country and internationally, including at The Blaffer Art Museum, Elgin St. Studios, PH21 Gallery,, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, The Springville Museum of Art, The Southeast Center for Photography, and The Praxis Gallery.

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